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At SAAFE House We Empower Survivors

SAAFE House is Committed to Empowering Victims Of Family Violence and Sexual Assault By Providing Individualized, Immediate, Free, and Confidential Services. Our Mission is to Prevent Family Violence and Sexual Assault by Educating Our Communities.

SAAFE Hous is more than a shelter or a crisis intervention agency. We are an advocate for the family. It isn't enough to offer an urgent haven during a time of need. Our goal is to come alongside women, men, and children in the community with resources to help them get back on their feet and live abuse-free lives.

SAAFE HOUSE works with each individual on their safety plan. There is no "one size fits all" method of approach. We serve clients who require a safe living environment and outreach clients who have a safe environment to stay in but come to us for necessary services and supplies. While our shelters are specifically for women and their children, we provide services for men, women, and children. Thanks to the support of so many, SAAFE House offers services in Walker, Trinity, San Jacinto, and Polk counties